Collection: SMALL PUFFS

The small puffs disposable vape range are TPD compliant and therefore are safer to vape. They are smaller in shape and size which means you can enjoy these vape pens in a more discreet manner.

Small Puffs

Tired of carrying big heavy disposable vapes? Then purchase the small puffs vape from the best online vape shop UK. The small puffs vapes are perfect for those who like vaping discreetly. This allows you to carry the vapes in your pocket or bag and not take up any space at all. The small disposable vapes usually contain 600 puffs. They are very tasty and have a huge flavour profile range. Some of the more popular brands include the Elf bar, SKE crystal, Crystal pro vape and the Lost Mary bm600 vape. The extra convenience and the cheaper prices in the 600 puffs disposable vapes is the reason for its popularity.

Why buy the small vapes from Cigma vape?

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