Collection: LOST MARY

Lost Mary vape is recognised mostly for the shape and the lovely taste this disposable device produces. There are two models on the market, the Lost Mary BM3500 which is a bigger puff model or the Lost Mary BM600 which is the slightly smaller puff model. Both offer the best quality vaping experience you could ever dream for. The shape is not replicated anywhere in the vaping industry. Cigma Vape has the two vaping models available to purchase individually and at wholesale vape prices.

Lost Mary Vapes

This delectable vape which is known as the lost mary vape has taken over the vaping industry. This tasty disposable vaping device has many flavours including some exclusive lost mary flavours.

The elf bar Lost Mary is a unique piece of machinery. With a number of models to choose from you get to experience the best. Still deciding? Then why not have a read of our lost mary vape review and see for yourself.

The blue razz chery lost mary, the Lost mary triple mango and the cherry ice are among the best lost mary flavours. With the new Lost Mary, cherry peach lemonade being a close contender.

What to know about the Lost Mary Vape?

Lost Mary offers two models for their disposable vapes: the Lost Mary BM3500, which provides bigger puffs, and the Lost Mary BM600, a slightly smaller puff model. These options cater to different preferences and allow users to choose the size of the puffs they desire. The Lost Mary BM3500 boasts a larger puff capacity, while the Lost Mary BM600 offers a slightly smaller puff size. Both models are designed to provide an enjoyable vaping experience, and users can select the one that best suits their needs.

The unique looking disposable vape device comes in two forms. One is rechargeable and one is not. The bigger puff vape is rechargeable. The nicotine strength is 2% with the giant lost mary. Here at Cigma vape being the best online vape shop UK we take great care to provide above satisfactory customer service and support. So please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Lost Mary disposable.