Collection: GOODG PRO

The GoodG pro vape has released some new and exciting flavours like the kiwi passionfruit guava, Mr blue and fizzy bubble gum. It is a fairly new disposable vape but has grown rapidly. This may be due to the shape being in a soda can shape. The vape is easily inhaled through the straw like mouth piece at the top of the vape. The vape is only available in one model which is 7500 puffs.

Goodg Pro

Tired of your vapes running out of power? Then welcome to the big puffs range. Here you get to shop for your favourite disposable vape by the amount of puffs. The puff count is advised by the manufacturer and we are not responsible for the puffs you get. You get to purchase the 7000 puffs range which include the randm tornado 7000 or the Goodg pro vape. You also get to purchase the 3500 puffs range which include brands like the elux legend 3500 or the Lost mary vape.

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