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Collection: ELF BAR

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Elf bar disposable vapes are a great replacement for your nicotine. They have different models to suit your vaping style and taste. They have a nicotine strength of 0% and 2% which means that there is either no nicotine or 20mg of nicotine. There are 20+ elf bar flavours to choose from in each disposable vape models.

Elf Bar pods

The storm for the popularity of the elf bar pods vape is a huge craze. We have seen an increase in the demand for this delicious vaping device. The taste for the elf bar vape is very unique. No other disposable can compare to this vape. the elf bar 0 nicotine gives you a chance to enjoy a smoke without having to worry about the addiction of nicotine.

Best elf bar flavours

Based off of demand we have noticed a trend in which flavours are popular. The most purchased has to be the watermelon elf bar. You get to taste sweet watermelon packed in a vape. Another recommended vape is the mad blue elf bar. If you love blueberry flavoured vapes then you will the mad blue flavour. The green elf bar is the spearmint or the kiwi passionfruit guava. Both of which are delectable in taste and smoke.

Why purchase the new elf bar from Cigma vape

Cigma vape promises to deliver only high quality products. Through rigorous testing and strict quality tests we have been able to build trust with our existing customers. We believe in relationships not sales and would rather have a pleasant experience than a sour one.