Collection: Elux Vape

Elux vapes are the most recognisable disposable vape pen on the market. There are always new flavours being released to keep up the versatility. It is an affordable way to get your nicotine hit. The Elux bar is available in many models. There is the bigger puff elux which is a powerful e-cigarette. There is also the smaller puff models like the mini legend. Get your orders in elux legend 3500 puffs wholesale uk and bulk buy to stock on your favourite flavours. If you are still confused with what flavour to get, then you can purchase a mixed box of 10 and get a handful of randomly selected flavours. Including Mr blue elux being a popular flavour or try the blueberry raspberry elux and get a taste of sweetness. If you like a fruity flavoured nicotine salt then we recommend the fizzy cherry elux or the tiger blood elux.

Elux vape bar

The most popular and loved disposable vaping device has to be Elux. The vape has many different models available offering different vaping styles. If you prefer more of a throat hit then the Elux bar is the vape for you. The MTL vaping experience (Mouth-To-Lung) is matched by no other vape brand. Powered by a 1500mAh battery you will never have to worry about your vape running out.

How much e-liquid in Elux bars?

You will find 10ml of e-liquid in the elux bar. That's for the 3500 puff version. Of course on the smaller puffs you will find a smaller e-liquid capacity.

Elux legends or ENE Legend?

If you have purchased this vape and seen that it says ENE instead if Elux then there is nothing to worry about. The company has recently rebranded their disposable vapes.

Why buy Elux from Cigma vape?

Not only do we take great pride in our vapes we also have the customers health and safety and the forefront of our business. We take great precautions to provide a hygienic solution. Not only that, unlike your local vape shop we always have stock. This makes us the best online vape shop UK.